Bradaverse Education Completes Name Change

By Sudarat
HONG KONG, Mar 15, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – Bradaverse Education (Int’l) Investments Group Limited (“Bradaverse Education” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, collectively referred to as the “Group”; stock code: 1082) is the new name of formerly Hong Kong Education (Int’l) Investments Limited, effective from February this year. The new name Bradaverse Education is reflective of the fresh corporate image of the Group, highlighting its aspiration to expand high-tech and innovative education services, as well as actively develop virtual reality (“VR”) and digital entertainment business, and its metaverse-geared business positioning and strategy.

Technological advancement and the COVID-19 outbreak have drastically changed the education industry, hastening the shift to online learning. The Group realises that applying VR technologies and providing immersive social experience in learning are the directions to take in the future for the education industry. Therefore, the Group, through its subsidiary UFO Interactive Group Limited (“UFO”) has consolidated face-to-face and online education services and metaverse education services to provide hybrid learning experiences and upgrade its existing education services. Capable of offering quality courses, UFO among the 10 Microsoft Global Training Partners in Hong Kong, testifying to the recognition UFO has for the quality of its courses.

Additionally, knowing that using VR and augmented reality (“AR”) technologies in teaching can encourage student participation and help to them learn more effectively, the Group plans to launch mobile Apps developed with the technologies in the second half of 2023. The Group expects the Apps, when launched, plus cooperation with popular brands and organizations will boost its income source, as well as enhance its professional standing and expertise in the VR and AR realms, that it will gain more in-depth understanding of consumers thereby be able to improve metaverse products for the future.

Bradaverse Education has been keeping pace with the times and actively deepening its education business. Having secured funding from the Innovation and Technology Fund – Re-industrialisation and Technology Training Program (RTTP) for the most popular courses on financial technology application and project management, the Group is helping to enhance high-end technology development among local enterprises. The first two courses approved are “The Close Connection of the Metaverse, Digital Assets and Central Bank Digital Currency” and “Professional Certificate in Agile Project Management”. By virtue of the forward-looking content and existing market experts and university lecturers as instructors, the quality of the courses is assured which allow participants to keep abreast of latest market trends and prepare for the “Industry 4.0” era. In the future, the Group will continue to design new project management courses, with the goal of obtaining RTTP approval to help enterprises improve employees’ skills and operational efficiency, and realize digital transformation.

Regarding its digital entertainment business, the Group has obtained authorisation to use Jay Chou’s “Chou Chou” intellectual property (“IP”) owned by JVR Music and created a card collection of the official two-dimensional image of Jay Chou “Chou Chou”. In the second quarter of 2023, the first batch of products will be launched in Asia. Inspired by Jay Chou’s audio-visual works, the cards feature “Chou Chou” in different classic scenes. Enabled by VR and AR technologies, a three-dimensional “Chou Chou” can be projected on the mobile phone, demonstrating the Group’s outstanding technical capabilities.

Mr. Yip Kai Pong, Executive Director of Bradaverse Education (Int’l) Investments Group Limited, said, “The new name of the Group symbolises its fresh start with a new image and new concept. Over the years, innovation, flexibility and agility have been keys to success of the Group. In the future, the Group will take the initiative to embrace the advent of the metaverse era. It will integrate technologies with education while actively developing digital entertainment business. It will also refine its business matrix, broaden income sources and realise diversified business development, striving to create long-term and stable returns for shareholders.”

About Bradaverse Education (Int’l) Investments Group Limited
Bradaverse Education (Int’l) Investments Group Limited is a leader in providing quality private tutoring and education services. It is the first institution in the education industry listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. The Company provides a wide range of education courses and services to students of different ages and with different needs. Its services cover pre-school education, tutoring for primary school and secondary school pupils, English language training and examination preparation courses. Its high-quality private education services are provided under the “Modern Education”, “Modern Bachelor Education” and “Modern English” brands. Moreover, the Company provides STEAM education services and also offers virtual reality (VR) and digital entertainment.

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