Culture Capital Makes Its Debut on the NASDAQ Tower Billboard with the Launch of Its Services in Asia

By Sudarat

NEW YORK, Dec 14, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via SeaPRwire.com) – Culture Capital made its debut on the NASDAQ Tower Billboard in New York’s Times Square with the launch of its services in Asia, on December 2nd, 2023.

The new advertisement introduces Culture Capital, a CFD exchange. Based in the International Trade District of Dubai, Culture Capital has primarily provided services in Asia.

The company’s vision centers on the belief that “fair conditions create fair profits.” Its business objective is to contribute to the growth of the global financial market by providing clients with superior financial services, thereby fostering mutual growth.

Unlike many exchanges that impose exorbitant fees for abnormal profits, Culture Capital pledges to lead the market in offering fair trading opportunities to everyone with its industry-low fees and consistently stable services.

James, the representative of Culture Capital, announced that the company’s expansion into the U.S. market is particularly meaningful. He stated their commitment to becoming a brokerage firm that can offer various benefits to clients through healthy competition in a larger market. This move into the U.S. market is a significant milestone, signaled by their presence in Times Square’s Nasdaq Tower. Following this, an advertisement will be displayed at the Citadium in Paris, France, starting on January 1, to mark the new year.

About Culture Capital

Culture Capital has revealed plans to extend its services beyond Asia, reaching North and Central America and Europe. Culture Capital, located in Dubai, UAE, is a brokerage firm providing services in CFDs and commodities. Founded on the expertise and technological prowess of world-renowned financial and IT professionals, Culture Capital LLC stands as a testament to excellence in the industry.

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