Tianyun International Releases 2020 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report: Promotes Innovative Food & Beverage R&D, Fulfils Corporate Social Responsibility

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HONG KONG, May 20, 2021 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – Tianyun International Holdings Limited (“Tianyun International”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) (Stock Code: 6836.HK), a leading manufacturer and seller of processed fruit products in China, released its 2020 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report. Detailing the Group’s ESG management strategies, performance, achievements and future plans in the areas of environmental protection, employee care, corporate operations and community involvement over the past year, this report demonstrates the Group’s continuous commitment to sustainable development and fulfilment in corporate responsibility. The report covers the period from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020.

As a food enterprise with one of the most comprehensive quality certifications both domestically and overseas, the Group has always been committed to providing consumers at large with natural, healthy, safe, delicious and convenient products. This allows consumers to enjoy nutritional fruit products and beverages, promotes a healthy dining culture, deepens the public’s knowledge of healthy dining and enables the Group to fulfil its corporate social responsibilities.

Highlights of the report:
— In terms of exhaust gas emissions, the Group has expanded the scope of data disclosure to include these for the first time. The Group is committed to minimizing exhaust gas emissions from its operations and fully complying with the relevant laws and regulations.
— In terms of energy conservation and emissions reduction, the Group applies the waste management principles and emission reduction policies of “reduce, reuse, recycle and replace.” Since adopting these, total GHG emissions decreased by 1,619.79 tCO2e compared to the previous year.
— The Group has strengthened and improved its data collection system and widened the scope of its GHG emissions, waste volume, and total amount of packaging materials disclosure. The Group is committed to reducing emissions at source and better utilizing resources.
— The Group pursues best practices in business and environmental matters, and pays close attention to managing its production processes. The Group has formulated strict procedures for indoor air quality and raw material management to achieve the clean production standards.
— The Group has introduced various measures and initiatives to meet its power-saving and efficient-consumption goals. Compared to 2019, the Group achieved downward trends in the areas of direct energy, natural gas, petrol and indirect energy consumption during the Year.
— The Group abides by the basic principles of water conservation, recycling and purification before discharge in order to reduce water usage. The Group’s water usage decreased by 20% compared to the previous year, and it has adopted a series of measures to use water more efficiently.
— The Group is committed to research a new type of packaging that is lighter, reduces storage space and is more suitable for the Chinese market, hopefully reducing product transportation costs and carbon emissions in the future. The Group continuously strives to achieve a high level of sustainable development.
— In terms of employee development and training – from top management to junior new recruits – the Group has established targeted, multilevel training methods and courses. These form a systematic set of training mechanisms that include inter-departmental training, cross-departmental training, and cross-discipline knowledge sharing, etc. During the Year, the Group achieved a training rate of 100%.
— Apart from operating its own brands, the Group also provides reliable, safe and comprehensive OEM services. With the competitive advantages of consistent high quality, comprehensive international industry certifications, and a wide range of product lines, the Group has attracted internationally-renowned customers from across the food industry and become one of the PRC’s leading fruit-processing companies .
— Placing major emphasis on food quality, corporate reputation and service quality, the Group is committed to producing and providing safe, high-quality products to all its customers by conducting stringent inspections on all fruits procured from its suppliers, and by strictly regulating production processes. The Group continues to pass different types of production and management certifications at the highest grade level.
— The Group actively participates in social charity initiatives and public welfare programs – and donated over RMB300,000 worth of supplies to help the community fight the COVID-19 pandemic at the beginning of 2020.

Mr. Yang Ziyuan, Chairman and CEO of the Group, said, “2020 was undoubtedly a very meaningful yet challenging year for us. During the year, the Group was able to rise to the challenge, with our overall business operating steadily and making good progress. We continued to implement a series of measures to improve energy efficiency, productivity and capacity. The value of our brand has exceeded RMB1.5 billion for the first time. The Group will continue developing and improving the quality of our products, promoting efficient and precise marketing, and strategic cooperation, while striving to integrate corporate social responsibility into our business operations. The Group intends to integrate ESG aspects into its comprehensive risk-management and internal-control systems, continuously fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities and enhancing its sustainable business development. We plan to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the new normal in the post-pandemic era, continuing to join hands with our employees, customers and communities. In addition, the Group aims to work together with stakeholders to improve its ESG performance, and continue creating greater value for the community.”

To view the Company’s full 2020 ESG Report, please visit: http://www.tianyuninternational.com/hk/

About Tianyun International Holding Limited (Stock Code: 6836.HK)
Tianyun International Holdings Limited (the “Company”) and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as the “Group”) are principally engaged in (i) the research and development, production and sales of processed fruit packaged in metal containers, plastic cups, glass containers and aluminium foil bags and beverages ii) trading of fresh fruit. Processed fruit products are sold both under its own brands “Bingo Times”, “fruit zz” and “Tiantong Times” and on an OEM basis. The beverages are sold under its own brand Shiok Party “Shiok Party”.

The Group has been consistently committed to providing its customers with healthy and safe products. As a food enterprise with one of the most complete quality certifications, we rigorously adhere to stringent international production standards and are accredited with BRC (A), IFS Food (High), FDA(FSMA), HALAL, SC, KOSHER, BSCI and ISO22000, etc. in respect of our production facilities, quality control and management. The Group has also passed the internal food-production standards reviews and audits from several UK and US supermarket chains. At the same time, as a Chinese “Equal production line; Equal standard; Equal quality” food production and export enterprise, the Group has been supplying products of equivalent quality to domestic and international markets. Since 2016, the Group’s own-brand processed fruit products have continued to achieve high market recognition, and the Group became China’s first fruit-processing company to place a “Zero Added Preservatives” label on its products.

The Group was awarded respectively the China’s Most Promising Listed Companies by the internationally renowned financial magazine Forbes, and the “2017 Linyi Mayor Quality Award” by the PRC government in 2017. The Group’s newly and proprietary researched, developed and produced pure fruit snack food received a national “Certificate of Invention Patent” in 2018. The Group was awarded the national Hi-tech Enterprise Certificate in 2019. In 2020, the Group was recognised as one of the Most Valuable Chinese Brands for the fourth consecutive year.

For more information, please visit www.tianyuninternational.com

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