VapeEZ Launches NEXCORE DUAL BOOST: Pioneering Brand with Ultra High Capacity Dual Mesh Technology

By Sudarat

SHENZHEN, CHINA, Jul 26, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – With the continuous iteration and advancement of electronic cigarette technology, the latest concept of disposable electronic cigarettes, dual mesh coil, has attracted attention. As the pioneer of high-capacity dual mesh coil technology, VapeEZ always keeps in mind the mission of “Vaporization technology changing lifestyle” and has launched groundbreaking NEXCORE Dual Boost, the first platform to adopt high-capacity dual mesh coil technology for double cloud and greater taste in the market. With outstanding technological innovation capabilities, VapeEZ collaborates with brand partners to take the lead in the field of electronic vaporization for maximized puffs and help customers achieve commercial success.

The idea of Nexcore Dual Boost was born three years ago, and after more than 800 days of research and over 20,000 analytical experiments, it has finally been introduced. It has already acquired 90% of the invention patents and utility model patents in this field, representing the cutting-edge technology in the electronic vaporization industry.

Unlike the common dual mesh configurations on the market, Nexcore Dual Boost breaks away from the traditional top-and-bottom structure and offers a unique mode that not only satisfies users’ ultimate taste experience but also caters to the pursuit of large capacity and high puff counts. It provides a perfect solution for balancing taste and capacity, making it more suitable for high-capacity and maximized puff atomizers, showcasing an exciting and cost-effective option with as twice as much cloud and taste experience.

NEXCORE DUAL BOOST, an intelligent dual mesh cutting-edge technology, strives for providing an all-round solution to double both the cloud and taste experience. It has a faster heating start-up speed, stable and uniform heating, and significantly improved heating efficiency. It extends the lifespan of the heating coil and greatly improves the utilization of juice, truly satisfying the desire for dense vapor inhalation. It restores delicate flavors that never fade, ensuring a longer and upgraded taste experience.

Equipped with NEXCORE DUAL BOOST dual mesh products, known for their originality and high cost-effectiveness, they continuously double full-bodied vapor, restoring a genuine and rich taste, ensuring consistent and delicate flavors. As a first-striking mature dual mesh technology, it quickly captures the market with a potential shipment volume of up to 20 million and a production efficiency improvement of 99%.

About VapeEZ

VapeEZ, as an experienced manufacturer of closed-system pod mods and disposable vapes, is the first to provide a high-capacity dual mesh technology solution. It has established the Qingdao Research Institute and a laboratory in the United States, conducting in-depth research in materials, chemistry, biology, electronics, and other fields. With innovation as its technological gene and user experience as its R&D orientation, VapeEZ continuously brings higher-quality vaporization experiences to users. All the goodness begins with the “core”.

For more information about brand and products, please visit official website at https://myvapeez.com/?nexcore-dual-boost/.

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