Fujitsu and Macquarie University establish new research lab to accelerate development of human sensing and generative AI technologies

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TOKYO, Nov 30, 2023 – (JCN Newswire via SeaPRwire.com) – Fujitsu Limited and Macquarie University today announced the establishment of the Fujitsu Macquarie AI Research Lab at Macquarie University, as part of the Fujitsu Small Research Lab (1) program. It aims to strengthen an ongoing collaboration in the research and development of promising applications of AI and related technologies. The lab’s inaugural project will focus on the development of digital coaching technology to optimize training to individual’s skills, expertise, and goals. It draws on Macquarie University’s advanced research capabilities and talent along with Fujitsu’s expertise in areas like generative AI and human sensing technology (2).

Macquarie University hosts world-leading AI research capabilities at its Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence and Centre for Health Informatics, pioneering projects in a variety of fields like banking, education, and healthcare, to identify new technology applications and address societal challenges. Fujitsu, Japan’s leading developer of AI technologies, holds the largest number of patents for AI-related inventions in Japan (3), and boasts a long track record of successful research and development of AI. It has successfully delivered commercial solutions like its Actlyzer sensing technology and is also engaged in research into generative AI applications, including customer engagement in retail.

Fujitsu will deliver newly developed technology in this research project through its Fujitsu Kozuchi (code name) – Fujitsu AI Platform, which offers users access to a range of modules and functions based on advanced AI technologies. Fujitsu Australia Limited will develop and conduct demonstrations for implementation of this technology in multiple fields such as healthcare, retail, and public sector.

Professor S. Bruce Dowton, Vice-Chancellor and President at Macquarie University commented “The University is honored to host Fujitsu’s first Small Research Lab in the Southern Hemisphere and only the third outside Japan. Establishing quality industry collaborations for impact is a key priority for Macquarie University. Partnership projects such as this not only foster groundbreaking research – they also create invaluable opportunities for our students to gain deeper understanding and industry-relevant experience in their chosen fields.”

Toshihiro Sonoda, Head of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Fujitsu Research commented “We have great expectations around the establishment of this lab with Macquarie University, which represents the many possibilities unlocked when academia and industry collaborate. This marks an important step forward in deepening AI technology and its applications, and we are confident that it will bring innovation and contribute to solving global challenges. We anticipate many great results as we further deepen our work together with Macquarie.”

Alfee Lee, VP, Head of Uvance, Technology & Solutions of the Fujitsu APAC region commented, “On behalf of the Fujitsu Group, I would like to express our gratitude and excitement of the launch of our latest Small Research Lab, which exemplifies the spirit of academic-industry collaboration to spark innovation as part of our global R&D strategy. Our work with Macquarie University’s world-class researchers will help us boost our ability to bring transformative applications of technologies like AI to market and to contribute to improving well-being and resolving challenges in society.”

Appendix: Lab and Research Project Overview

Overview of the collaboration lab

1. Establishment period: December 1, 2023, to January 31, 2027

2. Location: Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia)

3. Research focus The two organizations will collaborate on creating personalized digital coaching technology. This technology will automatically generate personalized educational content by collecting and analyzing data of work behaviors and response time across various industries, including manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. It will assess users’ skills as well as their unique needs. This technology will enable the analysis of workers’ behavior at a manufacturing site and automatically generate educational content focused on reducing common errors. Users can also export the content developed by the coaching technology in a variety of formats, including documents, audio, and video, catering to individual preferences and coaching needs. Fujitsu and Macquarie University aim to establish an R&D framework as a platform that can be applied to multiple operations. In addition to the demonstration in the healthcare area at Macquarie University Hospital, they will use the Fujitsu Kozuchi (code name) – Fujitsu AI Platform to demonstrate effectiveness for real-world use cases, including for Fujitsu Australia Limited’s customers in industries like retail and the public sector. The two organizations will leverage the small research lab as an opportunity to promote deeper collaboration in research and development between industry and academia in Japan and Australia and are committed to nurturing the next generation of talent, empowering them to address societal issues through the application of advanced AI technology. 

4. Role of each organization:

Fujitsu Limited:

  • Research and develop personalized digital coaching technology using human sensing and generative AI technologies
  • Demonstrate and test effectiveness in multiple fields including retail and manufacturing in Japan and Australia

Macquarie University:

  • Research and develop personalized digital coaching technology using human sensing and generative AI technologies
  • Demonstrate and validate developed technologies for the healthcare domain at Macquarie University Hospital

Fujitsu Australia Limited:

  • Plan and support the implementation of field trials for technology implementation in multiple fields including retail and public sector Australia

5. Organizational structure: The core members of the collaboration lab are:

  • Genta Suzuki, Senior Project Director [Human Reasoning Core Project, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Fujitsu Research at Fujitsu Limited]
  • Shun Takeuchi, Senior Research Manager [Human Reasoning Core Project, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Fujitsu Research at Fujitsu Limited]
  • Professor Shlomo Berkovsky [Leader of the Clinical AI stream at the Centre for Health Informatics at Macquarie University]
  • Professor Amin Beheshti [Director of the Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence at Macquarie University]
  • Professor Enrico Coiera [Director of the Centre for Health Informatics at Macquarie University]
  • Sohan Domingo [Head of Innovation for Asia Pacific at Fujitsu Australia Limited]

A number of other researchers from both Fujitsu and Macquarie will also participate in the lab.

[1] Fujitsu Small Research Lab :Fujitsu’s research program to accelerate joint research, identify new themes, nurture human resources, and build medium- to long-term relationships with universities by having Fujitsu researchers stay in the university permanently or on a long-term basis.
[2] Human sensing technology :AI that observes, analyzes, predicts, and creates judgments in a human-like manner. Fujitsu’s human sensing technology captures the different elements that compose more complex actions and behaviors from image analysis, and based on this creates predictions about what might happen next.
[3] Fujitsu holds the largest number of AI-related inventions in Japan, with 970 patents from 2014 to October 2022.

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