Honda Launches All-New ZR-V SUV Teaser Page on its Company Website

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TOKYO, Jul 14, 2022 – (JCN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today launched a teaser page on its company website to share initial information on the ZR-V, an all-new SUV scheduled to go on sale in Japan this fall. Honda will release more details about the model in stages, including its plan to begin taking pre-orders in September of this year.

All-new ZR-V

ZR-V teaser page: https://www.honda.co.jp/ZR-V/new/ (Japanese only)


Based on the grand concept of “Unleash your potential,” the all-new ZR-V was developed as a model to uplift the spirit of customers, like a favorite “special day” piece of clothing, and bring out their individuality. Key features include beautiful and sophisticated design, developed under the key words “glamorous & elegant,” and dynamic performance, achieved with a goal to realize driving at the will of the driver. These attributes will enable the driver to enjoy the vehicle with more confidence and in a relaxing manner, a value new to SUV models.

Key Features


All-new ZR-V adopts smart and elegant design which makes this model fit well in urban environments.

The exterior design features flowing proportions characterized by large, smooth surfaces that flow from front to rear.

The design of the front-fascia features a vertical grille, designed in concert with surrounding areas, and sharp-looking, wide-set headlights that flow horizontally. These features create a highly sophisticated expression, yet with stature and a strong presence.

The rear of the body is shaped to emphasize the vehicle’s wide tread by adding volume around the bottom of the body, with a smooth, upswept look.

The interior design realized a spacious cabin by adopting an instrument panel that stretches out horizontally in a linear fashion. Moreover, the interior design features a functional and precise finish on all parts to accentuate the beauty of the form, creating a high-quality interior space that is one class above the competition.

In addition, a high-deck center console separates the front seats to create personal space for the driver and front passenger.


By realizing both a low, stable driving position and a view of the road with great visibility, the packaging design enhanced the ease of driving and sense of oneness the driver will feel with this vehicle. In addition to a wide, horizontal forward field of vision, the rear view was designed to make it easier for the driver to recognize objects behind the vehicle, including vehicles and pedestrians, thereby pursuing excellent visibility while driving.

As with the front seats, the hip point of the rear seats was set low to allow greater freedom for the end point of the roof design, resulting in both a sleek roof line and enhanced aerodynamic performance.

Moreover, a variety of user-friendly storage spaces are provided, ensuring excellent utility to meet various customer needs.


The hybrid model of the all-new ZR-V will be the first Honda SUV to be equipped with the Sports e:HEV that combines a 2.0-liter direct injection engine that debuted on the Civic e:HEV and the advanced 2-motor hybrid system (e-CVT). The all-new ZR-V e:HEV will offer a high-quality, exhilarating and one-class-above driving experience in various driving situations including driving on city and suburban roads, highways and winding roads.

The all-new ZR-V also will be available as a gasoline-powered model equipped with a 1.5-liter turbo engine with CVT, which offers highly-responsive and sporty driving.

Both hybrid and gasoline models offer a real-time AWD variation, which enables customers to drive on snowy roads with greater peace of mind by realizing outstanding performance in making turns and climbing up snowy roads.

Pre-launch exhibits of all-new ZR-V in Japan
Starting on Saturday, August 13, 2022 (Japan time), Honda will hold pre-launch showcasing of the production models of all-new ZR-V at various locations in Japan. Please visit and enjoy an initial look at the highly-sophisticated ZR-V.

– August 13-14, 2022: The “BIGMAN” square at Hankyu Umeda Station, Osaka, Japan
– August 20-21, 2022: The event space at Tokyo Station (near the Yaesu Central Exit)
– August 27-28, 2022: The JR Gate Tower at Nagoya Station, Aichi, Japan

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