Honda to Begin Track Testing of Civic Type R-GT, New Honda GT500 Model, Scheduled to Compete in the 2024 Season of the SUPER GT Series

By Toey

TOKYO, Jul 26, 2023 – (JCN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) today announced plans to conduct the first shakedown test of the Civic Type R-GT, which is scheduled to debut in the 2024 season and compete in the GT500 Class of the SUPER GT Series*. The test will be conducted on July 25 and 26, 2023 at the Okayama International Circuit in Japan.

Civic Type R-GT

Just as Honda created the Civic Type R in pursuit of the “ultimate pure sports performance” while striving for overwhelming speed and beauty, HRC developed the Civic Type R-GT as a dedicated race machine which features both outstanding aerodynamic performance needed to win in the top category of automobile races in Japan and styling design expressing the ultimate performance of the vehicle. The Civic Type R-GT is equipped with a dedicated 2.0-liter direct injection turbocharged inline 4-cylinder racing engine HRC has been developing and refining through racing.

Comment of Koji Watanabe, President of Honda Racing Corporation
“We are very pleased to be able to start the first track testing of the Civic Type R-GT, which is a race machine incorporating the aerodynamics, engine and other technologies, and the expertise that HRC has amassed by taking on challenges in a number of races inside and outside of Japan. Starting with the 2024 season, we will be competing in the GT500 class of SUPER GT, one of the most prestigious auto racing series in Japan. With our constant desire for victory, we will strive to win the championship from the very first year, so please keep your expectations high for the permeance the Civic Type R-GT will demonstrate in the coming years.”

*The Super GT series is governed and operated by the GT Association (GTA)

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