1 TV 1,000,000 baht, the Price of a House, SKYWORTH released Thailand’s First OLED Transformable TV, flexible screen can be flat and curve.

By Abdul

Bangkok – On June 27, 2022, SKYWORTH group held a launch of super new product as well as the national exhibition tour with the theme of “Transform Your World” in Bangkok. At this product launch event, SKYWORTH launched a number of industry-leading “SUPER TVs”, showing several black technologies unique to SKYWORTH and first released in Southeast Asia.

The most eye-catching product is the first OLED transformable TV W82 independently developed by SKYWORTH, with a flexible screen which can be adjusted between flat and curve. The super TV is priced up to THB1,000,000, equal to an apartment in Thailand. With its OLED module (OBM) capability and numerous self-developed technologies, this product has gained the attention from the industry. At the CES 2022 global show, known as the “Nobel Prize in Consumer Technology”, the OLED transformable TV W82 won the innovation awards in two categories of “Gaming” and “Video Displays” with its strong innovation, product strength and technology strength.

SKYWORTH is the second TV manufacturer in the world with OBM capability, and its core competitive advantage lies in the ability to convert conceptual ideas into mass production. SKYWORTH R&D team has spent many years to achieve four OBM technological breakthroughs in W82, including OBM SKYWORTH Transform Homemade Flexible Screen, Electric Bending Mechanism, fish-scale shaped telescopic shell pieces and 1000R Smart Bending Technology. At the same time, W82 also has SKYWORTH’s exclusive display technology, including SKYWORTH’s SOBIF non-afterimage technology, 3D LUT Film Original Color, ALS Light-sensitive screen changes, etc. W82 has reached the top level in the industry in terms of hardware configuration specifications and image quality adjustment technology.

SKYWORTH will also cooperate with distributors to carry out offline tours of super products in major shopping malls in Thailand, so that more consumers can witness the world’s leading super TVs with their own eyes. The first tour will be held on July 1st in Chiang Mai Siam TV and will last for 15 days.

At the product launch event, SKYWORTH also launched a number of flagship products, including BM series co-developed with Designworks (a BMW company), the world’s first Wallpaper TV, the latest generation of MiniLED TV, QLED TV that can make up the pictures, EYE CARE TV that protects your eyes, etc. At the same time, SKYWORTH also displayed a series of highly competitive and diversified products, including 48-inch OLED gaming monitors, frost-free energy-saving refrigerator series SRS-46DT and SRS-225DT, 6KG pulsator automatic washing machine-T6OU24, cost-effective home theater Solution T2 projector, cinema-quality speaker series S100 and MAX7, and SKYWORTH one-stop home appliances classic BM series products.

The SKYWORTH brand has a history of more than 10 years in Thailand and has achieved a multi-channel online and offline sales layout; excellent dealers are all over the country, creating a high-quality smart life for millions of consumers in Thailand. The SKYWORTH brand adheres to the consumer’s standpoint. The warranty period of TV products are 3 years. There are more than 130 service centers across the country, which truly allows consumers to purchased SKYWORTH home appliance products with confidence and trust the after-sales service of SKYWORTH home appliances.