Cutting-Edge AI Innovation Transforms Press Release Distribution Outcomes Through AsiaPresswire

By Praew

Singapore – AsiaPresswire (https://www.asiapresswire.com) has unveiled continued usage growth for its GTP-PRHelper artificial intelligence tool, as the solution transforms efficiency and visibility for press release drafting and targeted distribution campaigns globally.  

Designed to streamline every aspect of securing media coverage, GTP-PRHelper utilizes intuitive AI to not just instantly generate optimized press release drafts, but distribute them to highly relevant contacts through its integrated media databases.

Early customer response has spotlighted tremendous productivity gains, increased pick up and dramatic visibility expansion thanks to GTP-PRHelper’s capabilities.

“By combining intelligent writing with precision distribution and analysis, GTP-PRHelper has unlocked unprecedented efficiency gains for our clients’ PR efforts,” commented Stacy Cheng, AsiaPresswire Chief Marketing Officer. “It condenses drafting, contacting, messaging and sending into one seamless automated workflow. The tool’s streamlining of the press release process translates into 3X more releases sent, 5X more visibility and ultimately faster growth for brands.”  

Distribution Volume & Efficiency Surge  

Cheng highlights that across industries, GTP-PRHelper has allowed AsiaPresswire customers to vastly ramp up distribution volume on top of the AI productivity effects. Clients utilizing the tool have increased average annual press release output by up to 8X compared to previous manual efforts.

A key driver has been GTP-PRHelper significantly condensing drafting times. Whereas manually developing an effective release previously required days of strategic planning, writing and editing, GTP-PRHelper finalizes optimized initial drafts in under 60 seconds.  

This enables users to initiate wider, more frequent press release distribution campaigns tailored to diverse topics and announcements that were previously not feasible.

And automated analysis functionality allows releases to be fine-tuned to resonate across different global markets in a fraction of the time – no longer limiting brands to just English communications.  

Cheng notes that being able to easily produce more English and translated releases focused on varied geographic targets has unlocked up to tenfold distribution list growth for AsiaPresswire customers.

Surging Visibility as Response Rates Rise  

Higher productivity has directly translated into brands securing substantially more visibility through press coverage pick-ups. Customers leveraging GTP-PRHelper have seen articles increase by over 300% on average compared to their earlier comms.

Notably, response and inclusion rates from media outlets and aggregators have also jumped sharply thanks to GTP-PRHelper optimizing writing.  

Cheng explains that “with manual drafting, brands struggled getting even 20% open or response rates as submissions often weren’t framed ideally or took key publishers’ angle preferences into account. But by leveraging GTP-PRHelper’s AI which is trained on millions of top-tier press releases and news trends, customers now see 60%+ engagement – tripling their inclusion rate.”

Accelerating ROI

Faceskin, a leading cosmetics brand utilizing GTP-PRHelper, has recorded 6X year-over-year website traffic growth since adopting the platform. Referral numbers accelerated dramatically thanks to the surge in articles and visibility facilitated by GTP-PRHelper turbocharging its communications strategy and reach.  

“The ROI has been astronomical,” commented Faceskin VP of Marketing Lily Cao. “What used to be a sporadic manual process that generated limited traction is now an always-on AI-optimized press release engine that continuously expands our presence across target markets.” 

And Pegasus Games CEO Richard Wu notes: “We’ve never secured this level of consistent tier-one games press coverage before. GTP-PRHelper has been invaluable not just for writing killer announcements, but identifying exactly where in the ecosystem they need to be showcased. Productivity, efficiency and results are no longer blockers.”

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