Ennoventure Unveils Advanced Anti-Counterfeit Solution, Enhancing Legal Efforts in Brand Protection

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Boston, MA – Dec 8, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – Ennoventure Inc., a pioneer in anti-counterfeit solutions, has unveiled an advanced brand protection technology designed to bolster legal defenses against brand abuse. This innovative approach marks a significant step forward in the fight against counterfeit products and intellectual property infringements.

At the heart of Ennoventure‘s solution is the integration of invisible signatures into product packaging, enabling straightforward verification through smartphones. This technology serves as a potent deterrent against counterfeiting and is crucial for preserving the integrity of brands.

Key features of the technology include:

  • Proof of Location: The solution provides evidence of fake products’ locations using geolocation and timestamps on photos. This helps in determining the duration of the products’ circulation, aiding in legal assessments.
  • Cost-Effective Approach: Ennoventure’s technology minimizes litigation costs by providing irrefutable proof, thereby boosting brands’ confidence in pursuing legal actions for favorable outcomes.
  • Evidence Timing: Timestamps included in the evidence capture are vital for legal considerations, especially in cases involving unauthorized production by former partners.
  • Substantial Evidence in Multiple Cases: The technology offers comprehensive evidence combining photographs with geography-based and time-stamped data, facilitating legal proceedings without any on-field investments.

Padmakumar Nair, CEO and Co-founder of Ennoventure Inc., emphasizes the impact of this technology: “Our brand protection solution at Ennoventure stands as a powerful defense for the legal community in the battle against counterfeiting and brand infringements. By integrating invisible signatures into product packaging, we not only facilitate swift evidence gathering but also offer a cost-effective approach to litigation. Our technology provides essential proof of location, evidence timing, and substantial data to support legal proceedings without the need for on-field investments. In essence, we empower legal professionals to target counterfeiters of all sizes, preserving brand integrity and authenticity in the market.”

This technology is set to be a game-changer for brands seeking legal remedies against counterfeiters. It streamlines the efforts of legal teams, leading to increased damages, reduced logistics, and expedited resolutions.

As technology evolves and legal challenges become more complex, Ennoventure Inc. is committed to delivering effective brand protection solutions that uphold fairness and authenticity in the marketplace. The company stands alongside the legal community in combating counterfeiting and brand abuse, providing tools and expertise to ensure a secure and trustworthy future for businesses and consumers.

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About Ennoventure Inc.

Ennoventure Inc. is a SaaS-based company that is leading the packaging revolution with its anti-counterfeit and brand protection solutions for diverse industry segments including FMCG, automotive spare parts and agrochemicals. With the power of AI and cryptography, Ennoventure’s technology validates product packages and makes them smart and connected, thereby empowering stakeholders in the supply chain, along with end consumers. The company is based in Massachusetts, USA, with an R&D center in Bangalore, India.

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