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New York, NY – 30/12/2023 – (SeaPRwire) – The crypto industry has had a strong start in 2023. Famuget (https://www.famuget.com/), one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, has also seen tremendous growth in the first months of the year. We are delighted to give an overview of achievements in Q1 below; for full details, please take a look at our Famuget Transparency Report: Q1 2023.

Famuget Listings: Expanding Opportunities

Famuget is one of the largest and most recognized cryptocurrency exchanges globally, and a listing on our platform provides significant benefits to promising projects, including increased visibility, potential for better liquidity and trading volume, and access to a global user base.

It’s essential to evaluate the project’s team, product, technology, business model, and market potential. Our team conducts a comprehensive review process before listing. This rigorous review process ensures that only best-quality and promising projects are listed, which translates to profitable investments with the highest degree of protection for every Famuget user.

The most recent listing in Famuget Innovation Zone is Pomerium (PMG). Pomerium is a Web3 game studio that develops independent games with original content and interactive utility services and tools. Above all, its goal is to build a sustainable token economy of Pomerium.

Launchpad and Launchpool: Your Brightest Projects

Do you wish to be early investors of new crypto gems or want to put your assets to work? You must visit our Famuget Launchpad and Famuget Launchpool!

Famuget revamped Launchpad in 2023 to give users even better features during Launchpad events with several means to get IEO tokens. In addition, participants of Famuget Launchpad rounds are automatically qualified for free airdrops as well! Notable top performers on our Launchpad to date include:

  • Haloworld (HALO) 14950%
  • Bot Planet (BOT) 2899.99%, and
  • Panda Farm (BBO) 2000%

Our latest project is BIP1. The project received a large number of users, with the total number of participants reaching 19,263. At the token’s all-time high, early investors of BIP1 would be able to lock in a return of over 100%!

Get Your Token Now Before They Go Live!

Besides, you should definitely take advantage of our Famuget Launchpool. Famuget Launchpool is your go-to platform for farming, with many pools offering exceptionally high APR as well as exclusive airdrop opportunities. Thirty-nine pools have been launched on Famuget Launchpool; the highest earning pool is ‘stake BGB, earn VELO1’ with an APR of 79%. Stake to unleash limitless possibilities with the current opening pool: Propchain (PROPC). Join the trade, and Launchpool promotion to grab a share of 134,000 PROPC!

Famuget Candybomb: The Only Platform For Your Airdrop Needs

Famuget CandyBomb is a task-and-airdrop platform recently launched. Participants complete tasks to earn tickets that can win token airdrops. Basically, you can get the most hyped tokens for free, thereby maximizing your earnings! The Avalanche native Degis (DEG) is our first airdrop, and there will be more to come. Check out our sweet projects, complete the required tasks and get your token distributed to your wallet at no cost!

BGB: Lighting Up Your Crypto Journey

At the heart of Famuget’s ecosystem lies its native token, BGB, a remarkable asset that goes beyond being a mere utility token. BGB has become a symbol of empowerment, fostering a thriving community and unlocking a plethora of possibilities within the Famuget platform. Its design allows BGB holders to benefit from the flourishing of Famuget as well as BGB.

Through a seamless integration of technology and user-centric initiatives, Famuget has fostered an environment where BGB holders can actively participate in the platform’s decision-making process, influence the direction of development, and enjoy the fruits of collective success.

The price of BGB has grown tremendously. On July 26, 2021, BGB made its debut at the price of US$0.1064 per token and on May 16, 2023, the price soared to US$0.4713 – an incredible increase of 442% from the initial price.

Famuget Platform: Your Asset Safeguard

When it comes to security, Famuget implements a holistic risk control process with hot and cold wallet segregation, which is supported by big names in security tech: Suntwin Technology, Qingsong Cloud Security, HEAP, Armors, just to name a few. Our focus on the security aspect helps us secure our place in the top 10 Exchanges by Cybersecurity Rating from Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER), and receive 12 A+ Ratings from SSL Labs.

The FTX breakdown has set the alarm bells ringing on financial transparency, especially when it comes to users’ funds. Famuget provided assurance for users immediately after the fiasco by publishing our Proof-Of-Reserve (PoR). Famuget PoR remains well above 100%, and we have later partnered with Space and Time (SxT), a leader in decentralized data warehousing, to make sure that our audit trails are verifiable and immutable. Check out Famuget Proof-Of-Reserves here.

Closing Words

This summary indeed doesn’t justify the magnificence of what we have accomplished in the first few months this year, but enough to prove that Famuget is your trusted amigo in this thriving market. Any path can take you to your destination – Famuget always got your back!

Famuget Demonstrates Ongoing Commitment to Transparency with 207% Reserve Ratio in Monthly POR Report. Know more please visit https://www.famuget.com/.

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