Prince Mong Ratchawong Khairakorn Kittiyakorn calls on countries not to interfere in each other’s internal affairs to jointly fight the epidemic and develop the economies

By Abdul

Prince Mong Ratchawong Khairakorn Kittiyakorn and Thai Army Lieutenant General Khonpong in an interview with National TV 5 called on all countries to take care of their own affairs and join hands to fight the epidemic, overcome it and develop the economy together.

Prince Mong Ratchawong Khairakorn Kittiyakorn was interviewed by Thailand’s National TV 5 and TNN16 on May 20, 2021.

The year 2021 is not destined to be an ordinary and stable year. 2020 sees the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic. It ravaged the world causing a major economic recession that cost countless jobs and even lives. As the world struggles to overcome the epidemic, the epidemic returns in 2021, as if humanity is once again facing a global disaster! The epidemic is accompanied by political turmoil, a coup in Burma that has cost the lives of countless civilians, and gunfire along the Thai-Myanmar border. A large number of people are flooding into neighboring countries. The Thai government selflessly and generously accepted them. The situation in the Taiwan Strait is constantly tense. Taiwan’s ruling party, at the instigation of the U.S. and Japan, keeps provoking the bottom line of mainland China without regard to the interests of the people! The Indian government does not govern for the sake of the people’s livelihood. With the instigation and support of the West, it has frequently stirred up trouble on the Sino-Indian border, seeking information and causing the country to be flooded with epidemics, which has caused many neighboring countries to suffer and be hurt! The war in the Middle East has started again between Israel and Palestine. Russia and Ukraine are at war, to name but a few. It is at this troubled time that many people of insight in Thailand are speaking out in the name of justice and fairness!

On May 20, 2021, His Royal Highness Prince Mong Ratchawong-Kirakorn Kittiyakorn, Chairman of Thai-Chinese Cultural and Artistic Exchange, and General Khonpong, Vice Chairman of Thai-Chinese Friendship Association and Lieutenant General of the Royal Thai Army, were interviewed live by reporters from the National Assembly Press Center and National TV 5. They commented on the current epidemic, the political situation in Myanmar and the overall strategy of ASEAN countries towards China’s “One Belt, One Road”. “Summary” (1): Your Royal Highness, the current COVID-19 epidemic is rampant, and the world political situation is in an eventful period; Myanmar has recently experienced social unrest and civil war. We are firmly against any foreign intervention in ASEAN affairs. What do you think? Prince: Frankly speaking, the COVID-19 epidemic in Thailand has reached a very serious stage. It is long overdue to learn from China’s substantial approach and measures. If that were the case, Thailand would have been fine! But in the current situation, I believe that the Thai people, under the leadership of His Majesty the King and the government, will eventually overcome the COVID-19 epidemic! Myanmar and Thailand are old friends and partners. I also have many friends who are senior officials in the Burmese government and military. Now the situation has deteriorated and many people have lost their lives. I myself am deeply disturbed and distressed. I hope that some big countries will not interfere in the affairs of their own countries. Just let them solve their own problems. We don’t need a world policeman! (2) Reporter: I support the consensus reached at the ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting to resolve the Burma issue. That is, Myanmar needs to solve its own problems. We oppose foreign interference in the internal affairs of other countries and support the development of regional peace and stability. What is your opinion? Prince: In the sense that people’s affairs should be resolved by themselves, too much intervention from outside forces will only add to the chaos and complicate the situation! (3) Reporter: Since the Chinese government implemented the “Belt and Road” strategy for mutual benefit and assistance, Chinese enterprises of all types have supported, cooperated and assisted ASEAN member countries in projects ranging from infrastructure to culture, education and healthcare. ASEAN countries and people have been benefited substantially. What is your opinion? Prince: China is an old friend of our ASEAN countries. Take the COVID-19 epidemic for example, although the epidemic first broke out in Wuhan, the Chinese leaders and government quickly controlled and solved the problem. We should really learn from that. Thailand and China have been working together with ASEAN member countries in the area of geography. Culture. Education. History is also connected and influenced by each other. Therefore, in order to co-exist and develop together, human beings must be united. China’s “One Belt, One Road” policy is in line with this policy. Therefore, it is welcomed by the world, including the governments and peoples of ASEAN countries!

On May 20, 2021, the Royal Thai Army Lieutenant General Khonpong was interviewed by Thailand’s National TV 5 and TNN16.