SAMEZIP Launches the Latest Features – Postal Code Area Surcharge Inquiry

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San Jose, CA, July 23, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – SAMEZIP launches the latest features – zip code area surcharge inquiry. By entering a five-digit zip code, SAMEZIP.COM can determine whether a zip code belongs to UPS or FedEx system:

  • Regular
  • Area Surcharge;
  • Extended Area Surcharge;
  • Remote Area Surcharge
  • Undeliverable

For these five types of zip codes, UPS and FedEx have different ways to estimate whether a delivery surcharge is required and the amount.

Generally, there is no surcharge for regular type of zip codes.

UPS: Currently, in the 48 contiguous states of the United States, UPS divides the surcharge into three levels, type 2, type 3, and type 4. The three types of surcharges increase one by one(it also means different type have different cost.). There is a surcharge of $3.40 to $5.20 per package delivered for type 2 zip codes, $4.10 to $6.50 for type 3 zip codes, and $12.00 for type 4 zip codes. For e-commerce merchants, the surcharge can be predicted by determining the recipient’s zip code type in advance.

FedEx: According to FedEx’s services in 2022 (including ground and express), they only have two levels of surcharges in 48 contiguous states of the United States.

Packages for type 2 zip codes, have a surcharge of $3.55 to $5.20 per package, and packages for type 3 zip codes, have a surcharge of $4.10 to $6.50 per package. The FedEx system does not have type 4 zip codes.

If the destination of a package is defined as a type 4 zip code in the UPS system, it’s better to use FedEx because they will define that package as a type 3 zip code, therefor it will be cheaper and it will reduce the overall cost of the package. (Assuming the sender receives the same base charges from both UPS and FedEx).

USPS: Currently, USPS has no area surcharge within the 48 contiguous states. But it will incur a surcharge to packages that exceed a certain size and weight. Relatively speaking, USPS prices are more modest for local small and medium-sized packages; especially for packages sent to remote and extended areas.

Based on five-digit zip codes, DDU inquiry function will be launched soon

The five-digit zip code and DDU (Destination Delivery Unit) are the most important components of USPS services for the following three services:

Connect Local

Connect Local is latest service launched by USPS, and it’s expected to be launched in most regions by the end of 2022 ( for more details, please visit https://www.uspsconnect.com/ ). The sender only needs to deliver the package to the post office responsible for the destination zip code or use the mail carrier free door-to-door pickup, then the sender can enjoy special rates. According to the current price in 2022, a 5-pound package is only $3.95, which is a huge benefit for small and medium-sized e-commerce.

Package Select DDU

DDU service is the same as Connect Local, it’s also based on a five-digit zip code and DDU. The cost of this service is lower, compared to other similar services.

EDDM(Every Door Direct Mail)

EDDM is a local advertising mail service. The cost of each flat size mail is only $0.187 (200 pieces). This is a cost-effective way for businesses, organizations, and salespeople to do saturation mailings(do not need an mailing list) in local marketing areas.

The three USPS services mentioned above are all based on five-digit zip codes and DDU and are very cost-effective. DDU is a very important piece of information (USPS DDU for both packages and mail are more likely to be 99% the same, there’s probably a less than 1% chance that it’s a different DDU.).

USPS’s DDU is very important for both e-commerce shippers and consignee. From the perspective of e-commerce, if the USPS delivery service is taken advance take, the shipper can notify the recipient which the DDU is whenever the package is sent out. For the recipient, the DDU is also very important, the package problems are often the final delivery link, if the recipient know in advance, can better solve some problems.

In the near future,SAMEZIP.COM will launch a DDU inquiry function soon

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