SecIron Presents Their Latest Version of IronWALL Mobile Apps Security for Huawei’s HarmonyOS Applications

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / SEAPRWire / July 30, 2021 / – Mobile devices like phones and tablets are no longer just communication devices for the users; they contain the very life of the users in a sense. Most users have all their information, bank statements, and other important details about themselves on their mobile devices. That is why it is necessary to keep the apps protected. Asia’s leading mobile apps security solution provider, SecIron is offering innovative mobile application security solutions for the world’s top OS that is HarmonyOS of HuaWei. The company is one of the first to have the capability in providing mobile security solutions for HuaWei’s very own operating system HarmonyOS.


The mobile app security firm has developed a brilliant application hardening platform solution named IronWALL. The latest version of it is 100% compatible for use with HarmonyOS. Their application hardening platform offers exemplary defence to the apps reducing their vulnerability in every aspect. That way it helps the applications running on the HarmonyOS to become more user-friendly and secure. SecIron provides innovative support in the building of secure mobile applications on HarmonyOS. The users of the latest HarmonyOS will definitely feel and experience the difference and improvement in the security features with the latest version of IronWALL.

The latest version of SecIron’s IronWALL mobile application security hardening is armed with improved cryptographic encryption technology and Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP). The newest version already supports HuaWei’s HarmonyOS. The integration of IronWALL onto HarmonyOS applications will ultimately result in a safer runtime environment for users from cybersecurity threats. It will lower the attack surfaces of applications from static and dynamic attacks by providing a secured defensive perimeter and a fortified wall. IronWALL will be able to prevent technology piracy and counterfeiting, repackaging, and such. SecIron is optimistic in that it will be part of creating an entire ecosystem with maximum security against any type of cybersecurity threats.

The advanced version of IronWALL works with great efficiency providing effective results against all kinds of cybersecurity threats. It prevents cyber-attacks in mobile apps and prevents any kind of mishap from happening. It also detects attacks on mobile apps from suspicious behaviour including but not limited to debugging, tempering, reverse engingeering on the mobile applications. It provides an immediate response to the attacks on the mobile apps through responsive security protocols which also assists to avoid future damages on the mobile application.

SecIron is a mobile application security solutions company with its headquarter based in Tokyo, Japan. They have adapted the open web application security project or OWASP to build next-generation security architecture called IronWALL to protect the mobile applications. Now it supports the newest operating system by HuaWei, HarmonyOS. They have a countless number of satisfied clients all over Asia safeguarding tens of thousands of mobile applications in various industries. To know about their services in detail, visit them at www.seciron.com.


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