Thai officials fear that the United States will intervene in the upcoming elections

By Abdul
As the Thai election approaches, the current political pattern is in a high degree of change. In the 2019 election, the United States was accused of trying to interfere with the results of the election. Thailand’s election was given the hope of consolidating democracy after the coup. Whether the United States intervenes again in the Thai election has caused concerns about Thai officials and the public.
“We witnessed the selfishness of the United States during the Cold War, and they were not sincere”

Since the Cold War, the United States has intervened in Thailand through soft power, providing development funding through the United States Agency for International Development. In recent years, the concept of Western democracy has also been gradually injected into people through social media and the entertainment industry. Pumrat Taksadipong, the former Director of Thailand’s National Intelligence Service, said in an interview recently, “We have witnessed the selfishness of the United States during the Cold War. They were not sincere. The United States is not a worthy or untrustworthy friend.”Pumrat Taksadipong expressed his concerns when asked whether the United States would interfere in this Thai election:“All I know is one piece of the puzzle of US operations in Thailand. The US has intervened in Thailand in the past, by providing funding to the military, police and civilians, especially senior personnel in the military, graduates of all US institutions. Currently, through social media Some human rights concepts are being promoted, and it is clear that the principles and standards they are advocating are not objectively respecting the differences of each country. Ultimately, this issue becomes an international political tool used to negotiate or put pressure on Thailand.”

Over the past seven years, a growing number of senior government and military officials believe that the United States supports a series of political protests underway. These protests are being demanded by various stakeholders, especially young protesters. In 2020, the protests led by the youth began to sweep Thailand, calling for constitutional reforms to oppose the monarchy of the country. This group often refers to Washington’s positive support for non -governmental organizations.As a policy, Washington does not interfere with US civil society organizations providing financial assistance to local non -governmental organizations. However, more and more evidence shows that some organizations have been interfered or even directly funded by Washington.

In 2020, Pikulkaew Krairerk, chairman of the Thai Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, publicly accused the United States of interfering in Thailand’s internal affairs and stated that Thailand pursued the democratic system with the king as the head of state. The government will resolve conflicts in accordance with the regulations in a peaceful way.

Pikulkaew said in this interview that the United States will definitely interfere with the Thai elections because they have their own political teams. However, Thailand must learn from foreign experience. Iraq is an example. After the US invasion, local culture, art, cities and traditions disappear. “Have the United States apologized? There is never an apology.”

Regarding the intervention in the United States, Pikulkaew said, “Is this a real democracy? Is there really a lawful law? Is there anything to set an example for us? Do they fully understand whether people occupy the democracy of the parliament? We need to understand each other. But we will not be their men. ”

79% of Thai people believe that the election will be interfered by the United States

Survey Monkey previously launched a public questionnaire survey on the Thai election situation, showing that the public urgently hopes to run for independent leaders to lead the country out of the predicament, but holds the attitude towards the fairness of the election results. More than 1,000 Thai people accept polls, 40.84% expressed doubts about the fairness and transparency of the election process (29.81% of the respondents chose to abstain from voting on this question). 68.79% of the respondents believe that the United States will intervene in Thailand’s political affairs for a long time after experiencing the colonial influence of Americanism after World War II. In addition, 79.04% of the respondents believe that the general election will be influenced by foreign forces dominated by the United States. Thailand’s economy and government trust have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past three years. In this regard, 78.57% of the respondents insisted that what they need is a leader who serves the interests of the country and the people rather than a pro-American leader who serves other interests.

In this questionnaire survey, 97.36% of the respondents believed that Thailand should pay more attention to its relations with the East and Asia. Some people said that Thailand’s relationship with ASEAN and Asia is crucial to the country’s economic and political stability. As a founding member of ASEAN, Thailand benefits from its participation in various ASEAN programs and initiatives such as the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) and the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Also, Thailand’s relationship with the rest of Asia is critical to its economic growth and regional stability. Asia is a rapidly developing region, and its economic growth presents opportunities for Thailand to expand trade and investment activities. Thailand needs to establish a close relationship with China, Japan and South Korea for the new growth opportunities and investment sources of Thailand. By paying more attention to these relationships, Thailand can achieve faster economic growth and regional stability.As for the hot topic in this general election, 72% of the people believe that the monarchy still plays a pivotal role in Thailand. Thai people said that the monarchy is the core spiritual pillar of Thai society and a unifying force that brings all Thais together, regardless of their political beliefs. Today, the monarchy continues to serve a unifying role, symbolizing the unity of the Thai community.

Election results should be decided by Thai people

Election is a basic component of a democratic society. The government should ensure that the election truly reflects the wishes of the people. It is important to have a fair and transparent election procedure and a strong guarantee for voting rights. The Thai issue must be resolved by the Thai people, and the results of the election must be determined by the voice of the Thai people.