NEC Corporation strengthens its partnership with Project Management Institute (PMI) in Asia Pacific to drive business agility

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TOKYO, Jul 12, 2022 – (JCN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – NEC Corporation, a leading global IT and network transformation services provider, today announced a strategic partnership with Project Management Institute, the world’s leading association for project management, to become a Disciplined Agile (DA) Consulting Partner. Through this partnership, NEC will use DA as a reference model to implement its own business transformation and utilize its experience to develop a consulting business to solve customer problems.

As a DA Consulting Partner, NEC will use the DA tool kit to create both a system and a team that can continuously provide customized solutions to help solve their customer’s unique agile delivery challenges, enabling true transformation. NEC will have access to PMI’s DA subject matter experts to add value to their customer outreach and expand their network and will provide feedback as a Partner Advisor Council member.

As a company engaged in DX, NEC utilizes its knowledge to support various customer needs. In order to achieve business agility through this transformation, NEC is required to solve each customer’s issues and barriers with an approach that is tailored to the customer. In response to a wide variety of situations, DA is an ideal toolkit that contains many practices to address such situations, enabling users to select the most appropriate practice for each situation to solve problems and make improvements. By leveraging these features and combining them with NEC’s own knowledge, DA will be able to support customer transformations with even greater added value.

To achieve this, NEC will capitalize on the DA toolkit to solve challenges currently being faced by its own projects and organizations. By providing this to customers as well, NEC will strengthen the customers’ agile delivery into something more practical.

In addition, NEC will strengthen the internal curriculum for agile human resource development by utilizing the DA certifications (Disciplined Agile Scrum Master – DASM/ Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master- DASSM / Disciplined Agile Coach – DAC) provided by PMI, and promote the training of consultants with DA coaching qualifications as human resources who can support transformation not only within the company but also among customers while strengthening the organization.

“In an environment of high uncertainty, agility to respond to rapid change is becoming increasingly essential in conducting business,” said Shunichi Fukuoka, General Manager of the SI Business Promotion Division, Digital Business Platform Unit, NEC. “We have found DA know-how to be extremely effective in transforming into agile organizations that can respond to diverse situations and challenges. We will contribute to the advancement of DX for our customers and society by collaborating with PMI, a global leader in agile approaches, and providing them with the value of our own achievements and knowledge.”

“NEC has had a very thorough agile approach and we are pleased to welcome them as the very first Disciplined Agile Consulting Partner for PMI in Asia Pacific,” said Ben Breen, Managing Director, Asia Pacific & Global Head of Construction, PMI. “Becoming a true `learning organization’ requires a more disciplined approach to agile in which teams are taught to identify and choose a way of working that best reflects the situation they face. Our focus in Japan is to work with project professionals and organizations to assist them to become agile and quickly shift to remote agile strategies as appropriate. I believe that this partnership will accelerate NEC’s transformation journey and help them stay agile in these unprecedented times.”

The Disciplined Agile approach is a comprehensive agile process tailoring tool kit that guides individuals, teams, and organizations to define their optimal “ways of working”. For professionals, it helps them learn multiple paths to agility and can improve business performance. For organizations, it empowers them to customize any method – such as Scrum, Kanban, and other mainstream approaches – to drive outcomes that differentiate them from competitors. From agile skills training, and value stream optimization, to guidance for true business agility enterprise-wide, DA is a comprehensive library of agile and lean practices, lifecycles, and strategies, combined with fit-for-context advice for different situations.

For more information about the DA toolkit, visit: www.pmi.org/disciplined-agile.

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