AutoXing Launches Digital Mini Disinfection Robot

By Praew

Beijing, CHINA, July 12, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – AutoXing is proud to announce the launching of their new generation of Digital Mini Disinfection Robot. In the post-COVID era, the world has adapted to a new normal, with disinfection and public sanitation playing a vital role. Efficient methods are needed to prevent and curb the spreading of infectious viruses. Cutting off the air from spreading the virus is regarded as one of the most effective decontamination measures.

The digital spray disinfection robot with intelligent and autonomous capabilities to sterilize the environment has gained increasing attention and development opportunities. AutoXing Robots enabled us to see how digital spray disinfection robots can be crucial in public sanitation.

Having launched two models of Digital Disinfection Robot, the Standard Version, and the High-Volume Version, the AutoXing digital disinfection robot series is thrilled to welcome a new member – the new generation of Digital Mini Disinfection Robot.

The digital mini robot can do unmanned remote deployment, creating maps remotely without on-site human assistance. As a smart robot, it can automatically stop spraying when it meets people, which is quite user-friendly. This mini robot is smaller in size and cuter in appearance with a lovely smiling face. With a 13L container, its capacity volume is the largest of the same kind in the market. The round chassis enables it to walk steadily and flexibly. The built-in high-frequency ultrasonic machine can instantly convert the storing disinfectant into droplets of 3-5μm, and spray into space in uniformed density. The mist is effective in killing broad-spectrum bacteria and eliminating COVID-19 and many other harmful pathogens with a sterilization rate of 99.99%. The recommended disinfectants are food-grade hypochlorous acid and chlorine dioxide, which are much safer, non-corrosive, and non-irritating.

In AutoXing, R&D personnel accounts for more than 90%, and core technical persons come from leading autonomous driving head companies. They were the first group of applicants to be authorized with an autonomous driving license in China. In centimeter-level HD mapping, high precision positioning, intelligent navigation, and SLAM sensor algorithm fusion, the team has always been leading the industry and staying at the top. The founders of AutoXing are successful serial entrepreneurs who have obtained over a billion-dollar investment.

The digital mini disinfection robot can greatly enhance work efficiency, complete a disinfection area of 3000 ㎡/15min, and standby 7*24. It offers user-friendly app operation and platform management. 360° all-round detection makes it easy to achieve zero-blind spot disinfection. This mini robot is lower in price compared to the standard version, but strong in working efficiency and broad in application scenarios, suitable for hospitals, subways, kindergartens, nursing homes, hotels, offices, schools, banks, and so on. AutoXing disinfection robot has already been applied in numerous cases, including restaurants, hotels, office buildings, and so on with high customer satisfaction.

For the reasons why AutoXing robots can obtain wide market recognition, one of the answers must be the full-stack self-R&D technology. Based on L4 level autonomous driving technology, the AutoXing robot has superior performance in operation stability, positioning accuracy, and flexibility in navigation and obstacle avoidance. What’s worth mentioning is the cutting-edge technology of rapid remote unmanned deployment, a leading technology in the robotics industry. How does AutoXing accomplish that? Positioning loss is a common technical problem for most robotics companies. Limited by positioning loss and other technical bottlenecks, most robots are not fully autonomous that still need help from labor work. However, with the application of laser odometer, optical flow, and other technical methods, AutoXing has completely solved positioning loss and outperforms others in dealing with technical issues such as sunshine noise, which can guarantee the smooth implementation of remote mapping and deployment based on this hardcore technical strength. The visual sensors, LIDAR, and SLAM algorithm help scan the environment, accurately obtain image information, and do multi-sensor fusion and intelligent obstacle avoidance.

Daily operations of the robot are supported by cloud platforms to achieve real-time monitoring, early diagnosis of abnormal operation, automatic recovery, OTA upgrade, and remote maintenance. AutoXing also has self-developed IoT modules that can work with robots to achieve more IoT functions, such as automatically taking an elevator, passing gate, and automatic door.

The outstanding performance and capability of the AutoXing intelligent disinfection robot could not be achieved without the efforts of all AutoXing R&D staff. AutoXing provides all its products in full-stack self-R&D, including L4 autonomous driving technology of perception, decision-making, and movement algorithm; hardware of chassis and cabin; cloud platform of scheduling, monitoring, and operational big data statistics and mapping; IoT modules; and APPs.

As an industry leader in AI algorithm software for intelligent robots, AutoXing is constantly innovating and offering a friendly experience to customers, aiming to use smart technology of automatic robot service to create better lives for society. A good product will stand the test of time. AutoXing Digital Mini Disinfection Robot is about to launch soon, let’s wait and see more amazing user experiences from the market.

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