HTX Ventures Invests in Web3 Education Leader Academic Labs

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SINGAPORE – Dec 20, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – Academic Labs, the innovator within the educational technology sector, has acknowledged HTX Ventures as a key participant in its seed financing round. This announcement comes on the heels of Academic Labs’ proactive engagement with the community during an AMA session, where they divulged their roadmap, spotlighting the MVP release slated for early 2024. HTX Ventures’ support is expected to enhance Academic Labs’ pursuit of becoming the quintessential platform for learning applied skills for personal growth and professional development.

HTX Ventures, the global investment division of the cryptocurrency exchange HTX, plays a pivotal role in fostering cutting-edge, innovative, and socially significant blockchain projects. By investing in leading projects such as zkSync, Optimism, ProjectSeed, and ApeNFT, as well as in over 200 other ventures spanning multiple blockchain sectors, HTX Ventures is committed to integrating blockchain technology into daily life.

The foray into Academic Labs and its native cryptocurrency, $AAX, indicates HTX Ventures’ expansion into the decentralized educational platforms. “Academic Labs has transformed the educational sector through the incorporation of Web3 and AI technology,” remarked Edward, the Managing Partner of HTX Ventures. He added, ” By incentivizing the community to create high-quality educational content and providing the necessary tools for creation, the current shortfall in educational resources and platforms can be addressed.” he stated. “We at HTX Ventures are enthusiastic about investing in projects that facilitate the widespread adoption of Web3. The importance of crypto education cannot be overstated, and the educational industry holds great potential for onboarding large volumes of new users to Web 3. “

Affirming HTX Ventures’ belief, Academic Labs’ blend of AI and Blockchain technologies is heralded as the archetype for next-generation online education platforms. This platform is poised to address the pressing issues within the education sector, specifically:

  • There is a need for more motivation for producing and interacting with high-caliber educational content.
  • The prevalence of academic fraud within traditional Web2 education systems.
  • Inefficiencies in the acquisition and application of practical knowledge and skills.

In a pioneering initiative, Academic Labs is introducing a trio of pivotal Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): Learner NFT, Achievement NFT, and Educator NFT. The Learner NFT signifies access to educational content, encouraging a transparent, value-based pricing structure. As learners engage with the material, the Learner NFTs are burned; in their stead, Achievement NFTs are minted. This process ensures the authentication of educational achievements and deters fraud while incentivizing learners with rewards in the platform’s native token, $AAX. Additionally, the Educator NFT fractionalizes the content educators provide, allowing for investment and fostering an environment where high-quality content is perpetually produced.

Academic Labs is leveraging Adaptive AI to gamify practical learning by forging strategic partnerships within the technology and educational realms. This approach fine-tunes the learning process, pinpointing specific areas for improvement that transcend conventional testing methods and immersing users in an efficient study experience. Academic Labs focuses on critical skills such as software development, trading strategies, business English, and startup foundations.

“The backing from HTX Ventures is a clear endorsement of the foresight and innovation inherent in the Academic Labs project,” remarked Terry Tan, CEO of Academic Labs. “We are honored to receive recognition from a Web3 powerhouse and are filled with anticipation for the debut of our education platform.”

Kingston Kwek, founder of Academic Labs, has formally acknowledged HTX Ventures for their investment, underscoring its significance in advancing the company’s mission to fuse Web2 and Web3 educational platforms. Kwek highlighted the platform’s commitment to cultivating a new wave of Web3 experts. “This investment is pivotal for enhancing global blockchain community development,” Kwek stated. “We are deeply grateful for HTX Ventures’ support in our endeavor.”

With the forthcoming launch of Academic Labs’ MVP(Minimum Viable Product) and the gradual unveiling of seed funding specifics, the inner workings of this avant-garde educational platform will be revealed to the global audience.

HTX Ventures’ investment is a testament to the evolving landscape of online educational platforms, highlighting the integral role of blockchain technology in the educational sphere of the Web3 ecosystem and showcasing the potential for profound transformation within the sector.

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