SEAPRWire Releases Report on ‘How Blockchain Improving the Efficiency of AI and Machine Learning’

By Praew

Hong Kong – SEAPRWire, one of the leading press release distribution and market research companies, has released a report on ‘How Blockchain Improving the Efficiency of AI and Machine Learning’. AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain technologies have boosted the all sectors.

The main aim of the financial sector has been to provide customer-centric solutions. User experience is a critical parameter, and for the new generation of customers, speed and ease of access without compromising security are essential. This generation loathes going to the bank, filling out documents, printing, and signing them. The main aim will be entirely automating the financial processes and getting rid of manual processes completely. They have enabled companies to process a huge amount of data set and reach conclusions due to their ability to analyze real-time patterns, helping with quick decision-making. They are improving the effectiveness and at the same time working efficiently. This has made different processes in banking time saving and also cost-effective. New technologies increase employee productivity by 40~50% in many industries.

Blockchain is frequently used in connection to cryptocurrencies. However, the banking industry is also implementing it for the improvement of workflow dynamics. Blockchain technology will provide a highly secure transaction on both ends. This will be greatly helpful to prevent fraud and help in easy compliance of audits and regulatory requirements. With the help of blockchain & defi transfers, payments and investments can become faster and error-free. It is said that blockchain will impact the packaging sector with the highest intensity in the year 2022. Needless to say, blockchain and the security it provides are here to stay.

According to SEAPRWire‘s view, new technologies have reduced human defaults and made transactions safer, all for a better customer experience. By 2030, financial agencies will be able to reduce costs by 20~30% saving trillions. Many Fin-Tech firms are continuously researching the areas of AI that will be helpful for banks and their fraud detection processes, customer service, credit service and loan decisions.

In addition, the e-shopping market has substantially increased in the last two years; there is a high demand for hassle-free digital payment options. Therefore, a majority of the e-shopping players have collaborated with Fin-Tech firms to create custom gateways and portals to ensure that the customers do not leave the site due to payment options. The smooth check-out process has become a crucial part of e-shopping sales as methods for a swift and effective payment process are essential to enhance conversion rates. According to a recent study, there is an increase of 5% in the global cross-border payment flow. Because of e-shopping, international transactions offer enormous growth potential for even small businesses as most people expect easy and simple payment solutions.

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